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Family Law

Should you require advice or representation regarding issues surrounding family law, Cartys family law specialists can provide you with an experienced service that comes highly recommended.

In addition to their extensive knowledge and expertise you can be rest assured that Cartys Solicitors are committed to the welfare of all their clients and handle each and every case with complete understanding and sensitivity.

Cartys Family Law Services Include:

Divorce and Relationship Breakdown
Divorce and relationship breakdown is seldom easy. From issues regarding your children to dividing up assets it can be difficult and distressing. Cartys Solicitors will do everything they can to find the settlement that works for you and your family in a way that keeps the emotional and financial costs to a minimum.

Parenting Issues
Children are often vulnerable to the effects of divorce and separation. With expert help and advice on parenting time arrangements, including residence and contact arrangements and other issues and concerns that may arise, Cartys Solicitors will assist your family while keeping the emotional impact to a minimum.

Child Support
The CSA (Child Support Agency) is the agency that determines, and often collects, child maintenance on behalf of children whose parents have separated. Cartys Solicitors can advise you on how to work effectively with the CSA to get the best outcome for your children.

Domestic Violence
Cartys Solicitors have considerable experience in issues surrounding domestic violence and have supported numerous victims of domestic abuse over the years. Cartys Solicitors understand the unique pressures clients often face who are experiencing these issues and appreciate the urgent needs of these clients.

Pre Marital Agreements
Relationship agreements, often referred to as pre-marriage / nuptial agreements or cohabitation contracts, can give you much peace of mind. If you are about to get married, enter into a civil partnership or start cohabiting, a relationship agreement can protect you and your partner whatever the future may hold. From answering your questions to drafting your agreement, Cartys Solicitors can give you expert help and advice.

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